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To achieve excellence in air quality, the optimal purification system must be used for each space. The choice varies according to the activity carried out in each environment, the size of the space or the people who will use it.

Pure AirBox Home «S»

Pure AirBox Home S

Portable air purification equipment for indoor spaces, with a careful design perfect for your home and all the efficiency of Zonair3D technology

Ideal for: homes with children, allergy sufferers or people with asthma problems, …

330 m3/h


* VAT incl. Prices for the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands


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Pure AirBox 500

Pure AirBox 500

Purifier developed to create unbeatable air in workspaces, commercial establishments and areas with especially vulnerable people such as children and the elderly.

Ideal for: offices, shops, nurseries, …

660 m3/h

4.810 €

* VAT incl. Prices for the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands


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Bubble Pure Air

Bubble Pure Air

It is the first mobile space where it is possible to breathe 99.999% pure air in continuous regeneration – free of contaminating particles, bacteriological and allergenic agents and with reduction of polluting gases to comfort levels. This mobile and easy-to-install space exceeds the most demanding criteria recommended by the WHO regarding particle filtration. It also offers the maximum guarantee against virus stratification. Thanks to this, it has received ISO 5 certification, which makes it an optimal space for Clean Room applications. Ideal for: medical, sports, cosmetic, …

10,500.00 11,240.00  (imp. inc.)Select options

* VAT incl. Prices for the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands


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Get new filters when you need them

Our products come with built-in filters, but from time to time * you need to change them to ensure that your purifier works at maximum efficiency producing a healthy and safe environment. If you have a Pure AirBox Home “S” it tells you on the control panel when to replace the filters.

*El tipo, la frecuencia de cambio del filtro y el precio varían según el dispositivo. Si dispone de un Pure AirBox “S” le indica en el panel de control cuándo debe sustituir los filtros.


18.50 48.74  (imp. inc.)Select options

Eliminate large particles

Change every year

Filter GRSystemTM

130.00 260.00  (imp. inc.)Select options

Gas reduction

Change every 4 years


95.92 152.18  (imp. inc.)Select options

Eliminates PM 0.1 microparticles

Change every 4 years

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without commitment

Transportation and

commissioning gear included

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